Director- Decision Support

North Mississippi Medical Center   Tupelo, MS   Full-time     Health Care Provider
Posted on May 25, 2022
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Cost Accounting:
  • Regularly review the cost accounting methodology and processes to insure the best possible data and analysis
  • Work toward the inclusion of all revenue producing areas in the costing process so that hospital, clinics, home health, etc data is included and that the costing process provides appropriate cost allocations.
  • Improve the costing process by including labor, supply and drug RVUs and set up a process to update these periodically
Decision Support:
  • Work with Materials, Surgery, and other operations areas to develop a connection from the data within EPSi Cost Accounting and Product Line Analyst to other data within PeopleSoft, Epic, and departmental systems such as Surgery to develop comprehensive Margins on Medicare Reporting
  • Implement a process where all key decisions whether for strategic planning, budgeting, capital projects, etc are supported by an appropriate financial analysis review and summary
  • Develop an accountability structure within our Productivity reporting from Premier where department managers provide ongoing action plans and reporting on progress as long as they are not meeting their productivity targets. This process should include their senior leader and focus on changes within the departments control
  • Develop routine overtime reporting and accountability with focus on elimination of all built in overtime and overtime due to clock riding
Statistical Reporting:
  • Develop a statistical reporting governance approach that continues to refine our stats capture and reporting.
  • Expand our stats capture and inclusion in the FCCS and EPSi systems so that all key operational stats are available for financial and operations reporting. This process should include helping financial reporting understand the possibilities of having more statistical information available for reporting.
  • Using the expanded stats capture, develop operations reporting that goes beyond our current information included in the monthly financial reports, productivity, etc. This reporting would be both at the company and department level with the focus being highlighting key cost metrics that should be targeted for improvement.
  • Develop a reporting and accountability approach using the Premier benchmarking process and reports that highlights low performing departments and drives change and cost savings using that information. This process would include development of specific budgeted cost reductions based on the benchmarking information.
  • Work to improve the linkage between our FCCS data and the EPSi data in order to streamline the data loads and input and to improve the monthly EPSi responsibility reporting including budget variances. This should include more flexed reporting and relating of some results to other results.
  • Rework the process of budgeting stats and associated revenue. Currently this process is logical but takes a large amount of time.
  • Rework the process of budgeting salaries. This should include reviewing and standardizing how we use job class vs employee level budgeting, reviewing nursing labor standards to provide for appropriate staffing levels regardless of how they have worked, better budgeting and explanations of vacancies and their impact on the overall budget and an improved approach to budgeted special pay.
  • Develop additional analysis tools to be used during the budget process in order to provide better understanding of where the budget stands at any point in time during the process and the explanations of the drivers at any point in time.
  • Develop a process for each year's budget to address areas that are not meeting their current year budget so that those areas' budgets are not increased for unjustified cost overruns.
  • Research and plan a conversion to a rolling budget/forecast that allows for more flexibility and better planning
  • Bachelor's degree in Accounting or Finance, Masters of Business Administration or Healthcare Administration preferred
  • Proficient in EPSi Product Line Analyst, Cost Accounting and Budget Manager and Premier Operations Advisor (Benchmarking and Productivity), Excel, data loads between systems, etc.
  • Minimum of 7 to 10 years' experience in a director level position responsible for financial planning and decision support in a large hospital or health system
  • A proven track record of driving change and documented cost savings from prior positions
  • Working knowledge of general accounting principles and cost accounting concepts
  • Strong analytical skills and good operations knowledge
  • Good oral & written communication skills.
  • Goal oriented with experience in system and process change
  • Strong people skills allowing this position to work closely with and able to provide training and assistance to direct reports