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Posted on January 15, 2022
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Northwood Local School District Job Description Title: Housekeeper (Cleaner) - 2nd Shift/7.0 Hours Per Day

Reports to: Assigned Administrator/Supervisor

Job Objective: Performs general custodial duties.

NOTE: Skill sets and autonomy vary by position.

Minimum Qualifications: High school diploma or GED. Job skills verified by training and/or work experience. Available to work a non-traditional schedule and irregular hours when required. Displays flexibility, reliability, self-discipline, and a willingness to take on challenging tasks. Embodies high ethical standards/integrity. Accepts responsibility for personal decisions/conduct. Maintains a record free of criminal violations that would prohibit public school employment.

Physical Demands: Duties require lifting/moving materials weighing up to fifty pounds, operating power equipment, using hand tools and working from ladders, scaffolds or mechanical lifts.

Essential Functions:

1. Uses technical and manual skill to maintain the appearance and cleanliness of district property. Checks daily schedule to find out if an activity requires preparation or clean up. Requests timely replacement of supplies to avoid work interruptions. Helps with the receipt of deliveries. Inspects packages. Verifies contents with packing lists. Cleans assigned areas. Dry mops/washes floors. Cleans furniture, fixtures, walls and windows. Provides regular/orderly removal of trash. Moves furnishings, supplies and equipment as directed. Cleans lockers. Replaces light bulbs. Cleans, sanitizes and re-supplies toilet rooms. Cleans glass, display cases, etc. Cleans/sanitizes handrails, drinking fountains, etc. Vacuums carpets. Spot cleans stains. Cleans carpets, floor mats and runners. Strips, waxes and buffs tile floors. Makes minor repairs when qualified by training and/or work experience. Complies with Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) information. Seeks advice when uncertain about product use, storage or disposal procedures. Follows health and safety regulations to clean up blood, body fluids/tissue, chemical spills, hazardous materials, mold, etc. Reports substandard conditions that may affect building operations (i.e., electrical/mechanical equipment, heat, lights, plumbing, structural components, ventilation, water leaks, etc.). Clears snow/ice from walkways and entrances. Assists with snow removal operations as directed. Monitors building security. Assists community groups as directed. Directs visitors to the office. Protects district property. Implements procedures to prevent the loss of supplies/equipment. Exemplifies professionalism. Fosters goodwill to enhance the district's public image. Complies with drug-free workplace rules, board policies and administrative guidelines/procedures. Contributes to an effective working environment. Performs all aspects of the job. Functions as part of a cohesive team. Develops mutually respectful relationships with co-workers. Keeps an acceptable attendance record and is punctual. Maintains a professional appearance. Wears work attire appropriate for the position. Respects privacy. Maintains the confidentiality of privileged information. Works effectively with minimal supervision. Performs tasks efficiently to meet deadlines. Maintains open/effective communications. Provides prompt notification of personal delays or absences. Refers policy interpretation questions to an appropriate administrator. Seeks clarification when directives are unclear. Uses active listening/problem-solving techniques. Respects diversity. Resolves issues tactfully. Pursues opportunities to enhance personal performance. Keeps current with professional standards associated with work duties. Updates personal skills as needed to use task-appropriate technology effectively. Takes precautions to protect student and staff safety. Helps supervisors manage risks. Maintains high standards for appropriate conduct. Takes action to address harassment and/or aggressive behavior. Complies with administrative directives and federal/state laws when dealing with discrimination, inappropriate behavior, suspected child abuse or neglect. Performs other specific job-related duties as directed. Helps implement workplace initiatives that advance organizational goals. Working Safety is essential to job performance. Employees must comply with applicable workplace safety

Conditions: regulations, health laws and district protocols when duties entail any of the following situations: Encounters with angry, rude and/or unpleasant individuals. Exposure to air-borne particulates, chemicals, combustible materials, electrical hazards, equipment vibrations, noise, moving mechanical parts, odors and/or slippery/uneven surfaces. Exposure to blood-borne pathogens and/or communicable diseases. Exposure to weather conditions and/or temperature extremes. Extensive standing/sitting. Frequent balancing, bending, climbing, crouching, kneeling, or reaching. Operating and/or riding in a vehicle. Working in or near vehicular traffic. Performing difficult tasks that require dexterity, physical strength and stamina. Traveling to meetings and work assignments. Working at heights, in confined spaces and/or under diminished lighting. The Northwood Local School District is an equal opportunity employer. This document identifies typical job functions and is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all possible work duties. Employee performance is evaluated according to board policy, administrative procedures and current contractual agreements.

Revised: May 2018