Manufacturing Engineer I

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Posted on September 26, 2021

Manufacturing Engineer I

MISSION Develop engineering solutions for manufacturing problems and issues. Solutions include new processes, fixtures, tooling, engineering changes, and continuous improvement activities.

Responsibilities & Activities

Responsibility 1:

  • Support manufacturing issues from definition to problem resolution
  • Support program engineer launches Coordinate changes of process on finishing centers and assembly lines Develop process parameter solutions in blow molding
  • Troubleshoot daily automation and controls issues with support of Automation engineer
  • Coordinate training of main operators for new and existing production lines
  • Design and fabrication of new tools and fixtures
  • Prepare changes in product (new versions, new products)
  • Ensure necessary modification of process in minimum time
  • Balance jobs time on assembly lines and finishing centers to ensure maximum productivity
  • Continuously improve productivity on the shop floor
  • Daily manufacturing problem resolution

Responsibility 2:

  • Perform risk analysis before LOTO and work performed inside machines
  • Train and coach other technicians on LOTO and safe work practices
  • Responsible to advise when standard work instructions are not covering a necessary specific activity Responsible to check the correct application of LOTO, in line with procedures
  • Seek guidance from the LOTO steering Committee for any concerns regarding LOTO

Responsibility 3:

  • Authority and responsibility to stop production when a quality or safety issue arises
  • Work requires walking, talking, seeing, hearing, sitting, climbing, bending, stooping, grasping, crouching, pushing, balancing, reaching, kneeling, and standing
  • Must comply with all work rules, policies and procedures
  • Must be able to lift up to 33lbs on a regular basis
  • Work requires working under high and low temperatures at certain times
  • Ready to perform in a fast-paced, results oriented environment with tight time constraints - results oriented

Integrated Management System (IMS)

For everyone out of MACO, Region Leadership Teams and Plant Managers: Within his/her scope of responsibility, he/she respects the standards and rules in terms of Quality, Safety and Environment contributing to the IMS process management and improvement.

Profile Requirements

Personal Background

  • BS Degree in Engineering
  • Mechanical engineering with process and project expertise


Job Technical skills

  • Proficient in Microsoft (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
  • Ability to collect, maintain and analyze data
  • Has a technical knowledge on : electricity, hydraulics and pneumatics, with the ability to recognize and manage hazardous energy sources machine by machine
  • Experienced on BMM, Finishing Centers, and Utilities
  • Full understanding of the LOTO: concepts, application, method, devices and the instructions used to lockout/tagout machinery
  • Understand the choice of appropriate level of LOTO (when we have to apply complete LOTO, or partial
  • LOTO or “door locked” only)

Job Soft skills

  • Verbal and Written Communication
  • Organization
  • Teamwork
  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Adaptability
  • Time Management





  • Is an attentive and patient listener
  • Asks questions to better understand thoughts and feelings of others
  • Respects divergent points of view / willing to re-evaluate own point of view/Openly receives feedback


  • Has a positive outlook of the future, despite difficulties or tough situations
  • Understands needs and motivations of others
  • Gives meaning and purpose to projects and work in general

Team Spirit

  • Puts the interest of the team before own interest
  • Doesn't hold back information, provides others with the information they need for their jobs. Give feedback
  • Despite divergences, relates and cooperates well with peers and colleagues.


  • Pursues everything with energy
  • Doesn't give up easily, is resilient facing difficulties and failures
  • Strives to do the best

Risk taking

  • Generates new ideas
  • Challenges the status quo
  • Creates and implements needed changes


  • Creates and participates in opportunities to know people that are important for his/her job and for the company
  • Entertains professional relationships internally and externally, participates in professional networks and associations
  • Knows who to contact to get advice, find solutions, influence decisions

Decision making

  • Develops solutions that address problems
  • Makes decisions timely, doesn't procrastinate
  • Is comfortable deciding under uncertainty


  • Delivers clear and easy to understand information
  • Conveys ideas and information with enthusiasm and conviction
  • Is comfortable communicating to different types of audiences, upwards and downwards




Develops his/her collaborators in the above general competencies

  • Supports team members in their professional development and helps them to build their career.
  • Builds appropriate development plans.
  • Anticipates and suggests options for mobility and succession planning in the PO Group.

Motivates his/her collaborators

  • Knows well the members of the team (functional or hierarchical), identify their competencies and capabilities in order to give them responsibilities that motivate them and supports the development of their performance.

Attracts the best people

Enthusiastic and realistic about her/his job and professional environment, knows how to trigger the

willingness of current employees and potential candidates to join his/her team and/or Plastic Omnium.

Plastic Omnium

Adrian , MI